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  • Louise Hay
  • Neville Goddard
  • Phineas Quimby
  • Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • Raymond Charles Barker
  • Thomas Troward
  • Wayne Dyer


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You’re reading this because you’re searching. But what, exactly, is it you’re looking for?

Is it the path to a greater sense of happiness and fulfilment?

Is it to find your true self that’s expressing total bliss in a dream job, financial security or perfect health?

Or is it because you instinctively know that life means more than what you’re currently experiencing?

Whatever it is that you’re seeking, intuitively you’ve been led to our website so let me tell you what we offer and how we can help you reveal the potential that is within you.

Through our many self-development courses we teach a philosophy, a practical way of living based on the insights and teachings of luminaries such as;

  • Catherine Ponder
  • Emmett Fox
  • Eric Butterworth
  • Ernest Holmes
  • Florence Scovel Shinn
  • Joseph Murphy
  • Joel Goldsmith

We are not a religion but we explore and focus on spiritual truths that weave their way through the greatest philosophies and religions of the world. Our curricula include ways of advancing through each of the four corners of life (health, wealth, relationships and expression) and cover the whole gamut of ancient wisdoms, New Thought teachings, metaphysics and quantum mechanics.

We offer a unique educational program designed to transform, nurture and integrate every aspect of your personal, professional and spiritual growth. The goal is to tap into the genius that's within you, to find and follow your bliss, and to experience the life of your choice.

Our vision is for a world that works for everyone - one where poverty, hunger, homelessness, disenfranchisement and war no longer prevail; where forgiveness, compassion, non-violence, respect and generosity of resources are the norm.

But, as Mahatma Gandhi said, we first need to be the change we want to see in the world. And that is the essence of what we offer - the tools of internal change to transform our lives. You get practical solutions to life’s everyday challenges. Let’s face it, we’re all looking for greater success and happiness in areas such as health, prosperity, relationships, work and self-expression.

The aim for each of us is to enjoy a more fulfilling, happier, healthier and prosperous life. You’ll experience transformation. As Dr. Ernest Holmes, Founder and author of The Science of Mind advised, to change our lives we must change our thinking; “to think, act and believe in terms of what we do want, rather than to think about what we don’t want”. Transforming lives to enjoy a greater sense of peace, health and prosperity is our core message. It’s the essence of our teaching.

“You are on the most interesting quest the human mind has ever made, the discovery of the Life Principle, the way it works and your relationship to it. You are about to make the greatest discovery of your life, which is how to use the creative power of your thought for definite purposes; purposes which will benefit you, your family and your friends”.

Dr. Neil A. Mence,