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Tavistock Square, London, United Kingdom

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We are The Centre for Positive Living London

In addition to being Europe’s largest New Thought and Science of Mind Centre we’re also the international headquarters for EMERSON GLOBAL. With students representing over 40 countries we truly have a global presence.

We offer

  • 16 unique self-development master classes (both classroom and on-line).

  • Spiritual leadership training: 

                            Practitioner training and 

                            Ministerial/Leadership Studies.

  • Counselling services.

  • One-on-one support and mentoring.

  • Individual (i.e. one-on-one) courses.

Our commitment

We’re dedicated to personal and global transformation. Our classes, seminars and workshops focus on self-development and personal transformation thereby providing each person the opportunity to actively pursue their unlimited spiritual, emotional, intellectual and social potential. Our education goal is to teach and apply spiritual philosophy and age-old wisdoms in such an exciting way that each person can experience dramatic personal enhancements in their life experiences.

Our teaching methods exemplify the best instructional models available for effective learning and all classes are designed to maximise the creativity of each student. Participatory learning precludes lecture-test methods as the cornerstone of instruction and incorporates collaborative learning techniques, experiential project development, student-driven formats, and goal-driven instructional methods. With this in mind, our learning environment takes on a new meaning and the classroom becomes not just four walls of the assigned room for instruction, but includes wherever the student lives, works and travels.

Self-development, personal growth, transformational outcomes are not limited to one sphere of life; change includes the whole package! All courses taught at The Centre for Positive Living are accredited through EMERSON GLOBAL, the international teaching arm of EMERSON INSTITUTE, California. In addition we are an affiliate of the Association of New Thought Network (ANTN) and Omni Science of Mind Europe.

Our instructors

We call them Practitioners simply because they practice what they preach. In their business life they come from a wide segment of the business world and include a film-maker, interior designer, teacher, marketing expert, photographer, actor and singer, fashion designer, author, senior executives, and a human resource specialist. Let’s meet them:

Dr. Neil Mence, Director

Angelo Paragoso (Philippines).

Becky Philp (London).

Bindiya Chanai (London).

Sara Varela (Singapore).

Timoteo Fredianelli (Spain).

Tony Walker (Manchester).

Tyson Joseph (London).

Where we meet: 

Classes, seminars and workshops are held in space we rent at the University of London, approximately 6-7 minutes’ walk from King’s Cross or Euston mainline stations. Because of major building reconstruction at the location we’ve held for the past 8 years, we’re currently being re-located to other parts of the university. Locations are provided in all advertisements and flyers sent out to announce upcoming events.