Make the commitment now to treat yourself to the treasure trove of inspiration, education and fulfilment. Delve into the principles and practices taught by the Centre for Positive Living and the New Thought movement that have positively impacted the lives of hundreds of thousands or people around the world including such well-known people as Louise Hay, Joseph Murphy, Neville, Catherine Ponder, Joel Goldsmith, Emmett Fox and Michael Beckwith. Upgrade your current life style today by pressing the delete button to that which you no longer wish to experience and embark on a path of adventure, growth and unfoldment. Welcome to classes with like-minded people who support you and share your commitment to a happier, healthier and more prosperous life. Remember, you truly are unique and remarkable. Accept nothing less than the total realisation of that truth.


All individual self-development classes, as well as practitioner and counselling training and ministerial studies, are accredited through EMERSON GLOBAL,the international teaching arm of EMERSON THEOLOGICAL INSTITUTE, California. Our instructors have been trained through the CENTRES FOR SPIRITUAL LIVING, Denver, Colorado, UNITY and EMERSON INSTITUTE.


Our classes are held at the University of London (near Kings Cross) during four terms spread over the calendar year (February-March, April-June, June-August, and October-December). Our 2017 SCHEDULE gives a full listing of all courses, workshops and classes held during the current year.  Information flyers with course details, dates, costs and location are emailed to all those on our email lists one month before the class start date. If you are not currently signed up to receive these notifications, please go to the CONTACT menu to send us an email. In addition to classroom courses, many of the courses listed below are also available as Online Classes. Please contact us for further information.



Are you searching for ways to lead a richer and fuller life? Our powerful self-development classes provide the tools to expand consciousness, leverage universal energy to live a life of choice, and to embrace as possible that which previously seemed impossible! Our classes give you the tools, the support and the guidance to help move you from your current belief systems and approaches, to embrace a life of greater possibilities. We do this through a wide range of activities and explorations including meditation, visioning, a look at eternal wisdom teachings and numerous experiential exercises and learning classes in the fields of health, financial freedom, relationship building, communications, success, career development and life paths, metaphysics and spiritual development.

One thing is for sure; you’ll be challenged! Anyone can read a book or take a course but in our inter-active classes you’ll be challenged to apply spiritual principles and practices to your daily lives. As a result you’ll experience a phenomenal realisation of growth. You’ll find yourself feeling more alive than you’ve felt for years. You’ll find life is exciting and rewarding and you’ll find yourself living more on-purpose with a greater sense of love, compassion and inner peace. And, for those wishing to progress beyond individual self-development classes, we offer Instructor Training and Ministerial & Leadership studies through our SCHOOL OF SPIRITUAL LEADERSHIP.