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Are you searching for ways to lead a richer and fuller life? Our powerful self-development classes provide the tools to expand consciousness, leverage universal energy to live a life of choice, and to embrace as possible that which previously seemed impossible!

Our classes give you the tools, the support and the guidance to help move you from your current belief systems and approaches, to embrace a life of greater possibilities. We do this through a wide range of activities and explorations including meditation, visioning, a look at eternal wisdom teachings and numerous experiential exercises and learning classes in the fields of health, financial freedom, relationship building, communications, success, career development and life paths, metaphysics and spiritual development.

One thing is for sure; you’ll be challenged! Anyone can read a book or take a course but in our inter-active classes you’ll be challenged to apply spiritual principles and practices to your daily lives. As a result you’ll experience a phenomenal realisation of growth.

You’ll find yourself feeling more alive than you’ve felt for years. You’ll find life is exciting and rewarding and you’ll find yourself living more on-purpose with a greater sense of love, compassion and inner peace.

And, for those wishing to progress beyond individual self-development classes, we offer Instructor Training and Ministerial & Leadership studies through our SCHOOL OF SPIRITUAL LEADERSHIP.


Make the commitment now to treat yourself to the treasure trove of inspiration, education and fulfilment. Delve into the principles and practices taught by the Centre for Positive Living and the New Thought movement that have positively impacted the lives of hundreds of thousands or people around the world including such well-known people as Louise Hay, Joseph Murphy, Neville, Catherine Ponder, Joel Goldsmith, Emmett Fox and Michael Beckwith.

Upgrade your current life style today by pressing the delete button to that which you no longer wish to experience and embark on a path of adventure, growth and unfoldment.

Welcome to classes with like-minded people who support you and share your commitment to a happier, healthier and more prosperous life. Remember, you truly are unique and remarkable. Accept nothing less than the total realisation of that truth.


All individual self-development classes, as well as practitioner and counselling training and ministerial studies, are accredited through EMERSON GLOBAL,the international teaching arm of EMERSON THEOLOGICAL INSTITUTE, California.

Our instructors have been trained through the CENTRES FOR SPIRITUAL LIVING, Denver, Colorado, UNITY and EMERSON INSTITUTE.


Our classes are held at the University of London (near Kings Cross) during four terms spread over the calendar year (February-March, April-June, June-August, and October-December).

Our 2019 SCHEDULE gives a full listing of all courses, workshops and classes held during the current year.  Information flyers with course details, dates, costs and location are emailed to all those on our email lists one month before the class start date. If you are not currently signed up to receive these notifications, please go to the CONTACT menu to send us an email.

In addition to classroom courses, many of the courses listed below are also available as Online Classes. Please contact us for further information.


This is the introductory course to the New Thought Spiritual philosophy and provides an in-depth look at the teachings of Ernest Holmes (author of the book The Science of Mind) and other teachers including Joel Goldsmith, Emma Curtis Hopkins, Emmett Fox and Joseph Murphy.

It’s a 12-class experiential course (36 hours in total) which provides a comprehensive perspective of the core concepts of Science of Mind and teaches us how to move beyond what seems to be, and to learn proven methods to change our lives permanently for the better. We look at improving our financial abundance, increasing health and wholeness, moving from fear into faith, living in the flow of joy and gratitude, the creative process, developing and using effective affirmations and affirmative prayer, the 12 basic spiritual practices, forgiveness, and so much more.


How do you cope with life’s problems? Do you sometimes feel that you’re living in the middle of a storm and that everything possible is going wrong? Perhaps it’s a severe health challenge or a financial problem. Are you feeling fulfilled? How do you deal with things such as rejection, fear or anger? How do you find your purpose in life, or the right career path? How do you find what your ‘bliss’ is?

In this 8-class course we consider LASTING SUCCESS through a series of lessons in practical living. Each is designed to guide us on our own personal voyage of self-discovery, personal development and inner change. These are the constituent elements of successful living and on this journey we’ll be looking at a whole range of issues which affect our everyday lives. This course is, in fact, a comprehensive guide to self-development and to living life more fully and meaningfully. The course is based on the book of the same name by Dr. Neil Mence.


A great 8-class (24 hours in total) course on practical living which spans the many faces of intention. We learn the art of authenticity and letting go of ego, how to live a stress-free life and how to apply principles to living a life of purpose so that we attract the right work and relationships. In THE POWER OF INTENTION we uncover and express our individual genius which is the truth of our being. This course is based on the works of Frederick Bailes and Wayne Dwyer.


How much power and influence do our words and thoughts have? Would it surprise you to know that everything in our life - including the things we say we don’t want, are the result of our believing thoughts? How do we change our thinking and how do we choose words that are affirmative and will attract what we do want, rather than what we don’t want? That is the essence of this 7-class (21 hours in total) course in which we look at the wonderful writings of Florence Scovel Shinn.


In this course we reach a greater understanding of the connection between our mind and our body and the important part that consciousness plays in the healing process. A whole range of topics related to health and well-being are considered such as how emotional states influence our body, beliefs regarding diseases and illnesses, the Spiritual healing of a physical condition, the connection between spirit-soul-body, and who we really are, as opposed to who we think we are. The course involves 24 hours discussion and classroom work spread over 8 classes. Louise Hay’s work is used as the basis for discussion periods.


One of our most popular courses, FINANCIAL FREEDOM helps us to develop the feeling of freedom so that we can experience and express ourselves without the limitations or restraint of worry about money. We deepen our relationship with prosperity, look at our beliefs about money, and come to understand that financial freedom means order, balance and abundance in our financial affairs. It doesn’t mean just having enough money to barely scrape through life with! The information provided during the 24 hours of this 8-class course will change your life forever.


How do you get on with other people? Do you lump them into groups of those you don’t like, can’t stand, or find irritating? How do you get on with yourself? In these classes we look at healthy relationships by first considering the most important relationship we’ll ever have - the one we have with our self. This includes a study of our self - esteem and self - respect and then looks at our connection with other people - family, friends and those with whom we interact at work or in a social setting. Three classes for a total of 10 hours.


ECKHART TOLLE’S books STILLNESS SPEAKS and THE POWER OF NOW form the basis of this 6-week course on journeying within to tap our inner splendour. Meditation, affirmative prayer and the ancient secrets of stillness are studied and practiced on this course.


In this unique series of 10 classes (30 hours in total) we’ll enter the world of Quantum Mechanics, investigate the works of Stephen Hawking and Richard Dawkins, and study the 6 main religions (Buddhism, Christianity, Daoism, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism) as well as the historic religions of the aboriginal peoples of Australia, Asia and Africa.


This extensive 8-class course provides a detailed overview to explain how things get to be the way they are. Classes included thought-provoking lessons on consciousness (thought, emotion, feeling, ego), self-esteem, healthy relationship, immortality, faith and commitment, and show how we can integrate self-mastery into every area of our lives.


Learn and experience 8 of the basic types of meditation so that you can determine which one(s) work best for your personality and lifestyle. Hand-in-hand with meditation we delve into the world of affirmative prayer where we learn the essence of Spiritual Mind Treatment for ourselves and for others. In this 10-class course we learn how to relax and experience a fuller and more meaningful life, as well as the art of removing ourselves from distracting sounds, activities and confusion while we focus our attention inwardly in a receptive and listening manner.


Ignite your life through Metaphysical Bible Interpretation. Have fun in this interactive 10-class course and learn how to interpret and read the Bible metaphysically. Through its lessons, awaken to the love, acceptance and wisdom available to you. Reveal and heal old beliefs, judgements and fears and apply these ancient teachings to your everyday life creating more freedom, purpose, love and joy. Based on the writings of Charles Fillmore, Emmett Fox, Thomas Troward, and Richard Elliott Friedman.


In 1859, Charles Darwin challenged conventional wisdom with his landmark and controversial book ON THE ORIGIN OF SPECIES. And then 45 years later, in 1904, Thomas Troward again challenged popular thinking through a series of lectures at Queen Street Hall, Edinburgh; lectures which would have a profound effect on the way we view the interaction between our thinking and what happens in our lives.

In this series of 8 classes we’ll look at Troward’s rationale for distinguishing between Spirit and matter, achieve a greater understanding of the unity of Spirit, and look at the two functions of mind and the law of growth. In the words of Thomas Troward, “We are accustomed to judge only by external appearances and by certain limited significances which we attach to words; but when we being to inquire into the real meaning of our words and to analyse the causes which give rise to the appearances, we find our old notions gradually falling off from us until at last we wake up to the fact that we are living in an entirely different world to that which we formerly recognised.”


One day and half-day workshops in 2019 include: